☁️ Welcome to Cloud City ☁️

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Hello everyone!


@HangTen416 & I are delighted to introduce to you all the latest ‘thematic’ Veeam User Group: Cloud City.


What is Cloud City?


Cloud City is a Veeam User Group focused on Veeam’s Public Cloud and SaaS Product Offerings. We wanted to create a dedicated space in the community for people to share their knowledge and ask questions related to these products, or the relevant services that provide the platform these products interact with.


Where can I find out more?


Firstly, you can check out the group here: https://community.veeam.com/groups/cloud-city-107

This page has more information on the purpose of the Veeam User Group, and you can join the group via this page.


@HangTen416 and I are also going to be hosting an introduction meeting on the 9th May, be sure to register and check it out if you’re interested: 

During this session we’ll talk more about the purpose, some community guidance on what content we intend to focus on and encourage, and our plans for (virtual) meetings.


So, with that out the way, welcome to Cloud City! And stay tuned for content to follow, there’s a lot to talk about in the cloud!


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Interesting group, I am looking forward to the topics coming in here. 😎

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This is a great initiative for sure. Nice to see a space that will allow MSPs to share information and other things. Looking forward to join group and first meeting.

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Wow. Sounds good. Here we go to connect in this new group

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Interesting, I replied to a post to be a member and I registered to the event

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Sounds good already! 

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Nice initiative,

already joined 
awaiting the meet-up!

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Cool idea. Joined the group!