VMCA exam personal experience

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Hi all

Finally previous week I took the time to perform the new VMCA 2022 exam, this to extend my Veeam Architect certificate (VMCA-1) to an up-to-date status. This just before the summer holidays 😎.

Previously (7 months ago) I wrote another post regarding my personal experience for the VMCE 2021 exam (VMCE exam personal experience | Veeam Community Resource Hub).

I know that @Michael Melter already wrote a great post about his VMCA 2022 exam review, but next to that nice post, I want to add my own personal experience and recommendations 😉.


I will use the same content as I used before in my VMCE post 🤗.


Requirement : 

Taking an official 2-days VMCA course is a requirement before taking the VMCA exam.

Before (in Version 1 of VMCA) you had to be VMCE-certified before you could take the exam of VMCA.

That requirement is no longer valid.

BUT, I strongly recommend being VMCE of the same version first before taking the VMCA exam.

In my opinion, the requirement of being a VMCE should still exist.

If you have already a VMCA-1 certificate (like I had), you are not required to take the new course before taking the VMCA-2022 exam.

But I knew already from other Legends and Vanguards that the content is so different than before, that it is strongly recommended to take the new course before taking the new exam.

In that I totally agree !!!

I work for a certified Veeam reseller and service provider with a Gold Partnership with Veeam, so a VMCA status is not a requirement (only VMCE is required), but it has a lot of advantages, especially because I design a lot of different backup setups.


Experience :

So, about 6 years ago I took the first VMCA course. After being VMCE 9.5 certified, I took the VMCA course of 2 days. I know from then, that there were a lot of formulas you had to study by hard.

So as before, I prepared myself very well : study and practice in a lab, checked all settings, possibilities and so on.

I took the exam at a certified pearson vue test center and passed from the first time but not with much more than the required 70%.

It was a very though exam.

Perhaps too less experience in designs at that time?

Apparently there were not many people in the world with that certificate in their pocket, so I was proud being one of that very limited club 🤗.

It appeared the exame being too hard for a lot of people.

At that time I did create not that many backup designs, but especially involved in implementing and solving Veeam issues.

Now 1 year ago I took the new VMCA course of 2 days because I read and heard of other Veeam Legends and Vanguards that the content was so different than before, it was strongly recommended to do that.

Yes, indeed, the course is very, very helpfull in creating new backup designs in reality, especially when the setups are large and complicated.

Veeam did a very good job in creating new content for the VMCA course !!!

Much better than before 🤗.

It’s much more usable in practice.


Preparation :

How did I prepare myself for the new VMCA exam?

  • First I read the VMCA course and created a summary
  • Then I read my VMCE summary
  • I especially read all topics of VMCE I’m not that familiar with (yes some parts or products like SAP HANA, Agent MAC,  and so I never use, some parts I rarely use, ...)
  • I watched the video “What is a Veeam Certified Architect and how do I become certified?”of @haslund : (60) What is a Veeam Certified Architect and how do I become certified? - YouTube
  • Then I took the official VMCA test exam
  • Then I watched the youtube video’s of Rasmus regarding the answers of that official exam

It’s very important in my opinion to focus on your weak topics, where you don’t have many experience with!

Next to that : if you don’t have any experience in creating backup designs, the chance is very limited you will succeed in passing the exam.


The exam : 

This time I was not nervous, because it is already my 5th Veeam exam 😚(VMCE 9.5, VMCA-1, VMCE 2020, VMCE 2021 and now VMCE 2022).

Normally you will have enough time during the exam.

Again as I mentioned in my previous post : 1 big tip of @haslund  that really helps : don’t look at the answers and try to answer the question yourself (if possible - not applicable to all questions).

  • The exam now consists of one big scenario
  • The exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions
  • If you don’t hesitate about the answer - don’t go back to this question to review
  • If you hesitate - flag it to review
  • I you are at the end, go backup to the flagged questions and read them again
  • End the exam and if you have prepared yourself very well, you will pass

If you are VMCA certified you will receive a PIN from the VMCE/VMCA lady @Federica herself if she’s in-person on a next Veeam event where you are also present 😇.


Test-center or online proctored exam :

Both have their pro’s and con’s.

Because a test-center is 2 hour driving for me, the decision was easily made.

I took the exam online at home.

If a test-center would be more locally I would prefer that.

Why : you must be sure that no one is in your house, no one calling, no issues with your electricty, internet-connection and computer, … if you are doing an online exam.

That’s my personal preference.

This time I had to wait 30 minutes before I could take my exam, it was too busy, too many people were staying in the queue… so that doesn’t help the nerves but I suggest : stay calm!

I had 120 minutes time for the exam (30 minutes longer because English is not my native language).

I ended my exam at 90 minutes so 30 minutes left, so you will have enough time.

Recommendation during the exam : 

Carefully read slowly the fully scenario.

After that answer the questions.

For some questions you have answered them in less than 20 seconds, with other questions you will need more than 5 minutes…

Always doublecheck with the scenario if applicable.

Questions are not related to each other, always relate it to the scenario !!!

After ending my exam I was happy that I was getting the passed state with almost 90%.


Difference between different VMCA version exams :

(my personal opinion)

VMCA-1 was strongly focussed on formulas and little details.

VMCA-2022 is much more focussed on experience in designs and having experience in implementing VBR and all related products and know the important things related to designing and architecting.

So, the exam is perhaps less hard for a Veeam experienced person than VMCA-1, but DO NOT MISTAKE !!!

You will have to know all content of VMCE very well (not that much in detail as VMCE itself, but but but not much less). Next to that having experience in creating designs is a requirement in my opinion.


IMHO : Now the certification is truly a status of being a Veeam Architect if you conclude the exam with more than 70% and hopefully much more!


From my personal experience :


More or less the same as at the VMCE exam…


You won’t pass if you don’t study !!!

You won’t pass if you don’t have experience in implementing backup designs !!!

You won’t pass if you don’t know all products 


The combination is a requirement and I think that’s the correct way !!!


So Veeam, in my opinion you have done again a great job in creating the VMCA exams!

Much better than before!

Kudo’s to @haslund , @Federica  and team !!!


Good luck all !!!


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Congrats on your exam pass @Nico Losschaert 

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Congrats on your exam pass @Nico Losschaert 

Thx @coolsport00 !

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Congrats Nico!

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Great review and congratulations on passing @Nico Losschaert well done.  👍

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Congrats! Job well done 🥳

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Congrats! Job well done 🥳

Thx @haslund 

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Great review and congratulations on passing @Nico Losschaert well done.  👍

thx @Chris.Childerhose 

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Congrats Nico!

thx @Geoff Burke 

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Great recap and congratulations @Nico Losschaert 

I think the VMCA moved from theory to practice in this version. I like it very much 😎

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Great recap and congratulations @Nico Losschaert 

I think the VMCA moved from theory to practice in this version. I like it very much 😎

Thx @JMeixner , yes indeed, it’s much more focussed on the practice and reality 💪

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Congrats Nico, and thank you for all recommendations (hope I can use them soon)! 💚

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Congrats Nico. I found the new course so much better but your are totally correct preparation is key for this one. 

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Huge kudos @Nico Losschaert !!!! This post is a blast! I am super happy you enjoyed the all process and you will have your pin at the next event 😉

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Huge kudos @Nico Losschaert !!!! This post is a blast! I am super happy you enjoyed the all process and you will have your pin at the next event 😉

Thx @Federica !!! Glad to hear from you that you loved it 😘

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Great review...thanks and congrats Nico!