#VMCA 2022 Official practice exam question 40 walkthrough

  • 27 January 2022

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The walkthrough of the official #VMCA 2022 practice exam question 40 is ready.

“The one with the final question”. Thank you so much for watching the series.



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Woohoo - we made it to the final question.  Nice to see them all out there now.  Review these if you are doing VMCA2022 as it is a must!  Great work @haslund 

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AMAZING SERIES, you deserve a new badge at honorem!

I’ll think about you when I’ll pass VMCA :heart_eyes:


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Final question  :tada::tada::tada:

Great work @haslund 

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awesome .. @haslund 

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@haslund -

Really appreciate you going through all of these questions. Doing the practice ex from the class and learning about the ‘why’ for each question really helped me pass the VMCA. Many thanks to your community & education contributions. They are invaluable!

Cheers mate!

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Thank you for sharing such a detailed review.

I’ve never seen it before, but it is very helpful for the community and the whole world to see it clearly :-)