VeeamON 2022 - Backups Premier Event - LIVE AGAIN!!

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I have been a Veeam Vanguard for five years now and was fortunate enough to have attended the VeeamON 2017 event in New Orleans, and it was fantastic.  Great sessions, lots of networking and meeting more of the Veeam folks as well as Vanguards.

Being a Vanguard is a real honour, and many people ask me when they see my Veeam Vanguard jacket or shirt - What is Veeam?  My answer is a typical one - it is backup software for your infrastructure for now and the future, leading to a conversation around technology, backups, and many other things.

This year's event is back in Las Vegas in the hybrid mode with in-person and virtual attendees.  It will be the first event since 2019 in Miami that will be back to live attendance which is a great thing.  In the last couple of years, with the COVID pandemic, the switch to all virtual has left many people feeling disconnected, including me, so getting back to being able to speak to people and share technology stories will be great.

One other great benefit is if you register, you have the chance to win the wicked Veeam Kicks sneakers as well!

Attending VeeamON is one of the best events to learn more about backup and what Veeam is all about.  This event is packed with something for everyone, from user sessions to networking and training.

Please also check out the CrowdCompass App (hopefully, that is what will get used again this year) that lets you organize your day and sessions to attend.  Available for Android and Apple as well -

VeeamON - crowdcompass app - VeeamON 2022 - CrowdCompass

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Veeam Certified Training - VMCE/VMCA Training

Hopefully, those that can join in person do and here is to having a great experience again live.  I hope to see you there!


You can see the Veeam Kicks video on my blog post as I could not embed it - VeeamON 2022 – Backups Premier Event – LIVE AGAIN!! – Just Virtualization (


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