Veeam Community Podcast is getting a reboot!

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Melissa @vmiss33 and I have hijacked Veeam Community Podcast from @Rick Vanover and rebooted it!

Now the two of us will be inviting people to talk about businesses and industries that everyone takes for granted, but nobody knows how they actually work.

In the pilot episode Drew Como @dcomovanguard was telling us about his days at Take-Two Interactive and THQ. We discussed how videogames are created and what it takes to provide a seamless online experience for dozens of players simultaneously. 


Please let us know what you think of this format and reach out to us if you have a few stories to tell about your industry!


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So great to see the community part of the community podcast return! Looking forward to this!

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Did @vmiss33 just say "snazzy"?? bwahahaha LOVE IT! 😂😂

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Finally had time to hear the Podcast. It's been very interesting, especially the insights into the gaming industry. Looking forward to the next one 👍