Veeam APIs and Python

  • 27 September 2021

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Hi all, 

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a massive Python geek and data science nerd outside of being a full time nerd. Anyway I’ve been working on a YouTube series on using the Veeam API with Python showing the long way and the easy way to connect, discover, manipulate and visualize data from the APIs.

I will be doing deep dives later in the series as well as creating interesting apps and widgets with one of Python’s many libraries. I’ll also be branching off into other languages like C# and Golang overtime.

The GitHub repo of all the Jupyter notebooks I am using in the series can be found here:


If you have any suggestions for reports or visualisations of data please let me know and I’ll try work them into the series.


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Very cool topic.

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interesting work, I will follow what you post. I played with data integration API in posh then manipulate data with python. your publication has re-motivated me to return to see my work. I gave it up because I failed to get what I wanted.

I want to inventory what kind of data i have in my backup and be able to sort and analyze data.

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Really interesting topic.

I will follow and try-out what you are posting.

I’d like to have a script to list all VMs (for all VCenters configured in Veeam server) with their respective backup jobs. Something like this:

<vm name> <vcenter> <veeam job>

or, if the VM is part of more than one backup jobs

<vm name> <vcenter> <veeam job 1> <veeam job 2> ...

or, if or, if the VM is not backed up by any Veeam job:

<vm name> <vcenter> none