Veeam and Veeam Vanguard/Legends takeover Toronto!

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Hey Everyone,

A big evening in Toronto IT yesterday and Veeam was there. First @michaelcade and I went to Okta to take part in their Devday23 event (got some nice swag too!), then we had dinner with @Julia F Morgadoand headed to the Pre Kubehuddle meetup where I met some Kubernetes royalty! Of course everyone knew Julia and MIchael so I just used the occasion to shamelessly introduce myself :) . Joking aside I have to note Veeam/Kasten is making its presence felt! I saw no other backup vendors anywhere near these two events. Kubehuddle has  literally a Veeam invasion happening with Julia Morgado, Cassandra Farris, Michael Cade and of course humbly representing the Vanguard/Legend community me :). 

I believe these efforts are well worth it and are going to pay off. When people need backup in the Kubernetes community there first thought will be Veeam/Kasten!



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Looks like you all had a great time @Geoff Burke . Glad to hear it was a successful event! 

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Looks like an amazing event and wish I could have attended but too much going on before VeeamON.  Enjoy KubeHuddle today and tomorrow. 👍🏼