Veeam 12.1 My Standout 9 points!

  • 7 December 2023

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Hi Everyone,

My most liked new features in Veeam 12.1




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Those are definitely good ones and most of mine too.  😁

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INLINE MALWARE PROTECTION #FTW. I’m with you Geoff. Thanks for the vid! 😊

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Great video Geoff.  I agree….great points.  These are some major benefits, and a few minor updates that I love.  I forgot about the ability to send syslog, so that’s a major item I’m looking at that I want to try sending to our SEIM collector (ArcticWolf).

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Some of the SureBackup features (SureBackup lite and Random machine testing)

Instant Disk publish

Immutable configuration backups 

Retention options customization 

CDP enhancements

Performance enhancements across the board.

All the new security features.


I’m going to need extra time to test it all out.