Veeam 100 Summit recap of the first day

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Thinking of becoming a Veeam Vanguard or a Veeam Legends and you want to know what is all about the Veeam 100 Summit that everyone talking about?

When you read this recap of the first day you will understand what you  can expect when you are a Veeam Vanguard or a Veeam Legend and join in the Veeam 100 Summit.

The Veeam 100 Summit is all about content sharing and also a get together with a group of people from all over the world and talk about technology and other subjects. And yes you can make good friends in this group.


And of course, the summit is just a part of this great Veeam community program #Veeam100

In this first day there was a lot of content sharing.

First Day:

First Session - Introduction and 2022 Veeam 100 Summit Kickoff

The first session starts with a welcome to everyone and the new arrivals(new Vanguards, Legends, and MVP). In this session, Rick, Madi, and Hennes talk about Vanguard, Legends, and MVP.

A lot of information about what the program is (for the new ones) and what to expect from the Veeam 100 summit.

Second Session Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Veeam

In this internal session, Wasabi presents their Veeam Vanguard program. A free account for all the Veeam 100 members etc. Wasabi also did sponsor the initial Veeam 100 welcome.

Third Session – Ransomware & Cybersecurity PoV

This was a session presented by Rick Vanover – Product Strategy, and Edwin Weijdema – Global Technologist at Veeam.

A session about Ransomware and what should be the pre Best Practices to protect your Data and Backups, as well as Best Practices on how to act and what to do when attacked by Ransomware.

Fourth Session – Veeam Backup & Replication v12

This session was about the new Veeam Backup & Replication v12. It was presented by Hannes Kasparick – Senior Analyst, Product Management, and Anton Gostev –  Senior Vice President and Product Management at Veeam Software.

Fifth Session Veeam Backup For Nutanix AHV 4.0

In this session, Hannes Kasparick shows changes in this new version for Nutanix AHV backups.

In the same session, Hannes presents us with the news about RHV Backups.

Veeam Backup & Replication RHV Proxy 2.0

With the new Veeam Backup & Replication RHV Proxy 2.0 you can now start backup and restore your VMs from and to Red Hat Virtualization.

Sixth Session – Veeam ONE v12 Update

The session was presented by Jorge De La Cruz – Senior Analyst – Product Management, Roman Kuksov – Jr. Analyst – Product Management, and Kirsten Stoner – Technologist – Product Strategy.

This is a YELLOW session, so I cannot explain much. Until the product is GA, we can’t talk much about it.

Seventh SessionVeeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator v6

In this session, Alec King – Vice President Product Management at Veeam Software, and Rick Vanover show us what is new in the new VDRO version 6.

Eighth Session

This session was presented by Chris Spence – Senior Director of Product Marketing at Veeam Software, Billy Cashwell – Product Marketing at Veeam, and Matt Crape – Senior Technical Product Marketer at Veeam Software.

This session was about Veeam Enterprise and companies’ Ransomware, but most of the of what discussion was Confidential, so this session was RED. That means cannot be discussed outside of the session.

And we finish the first with a group toast as we always do every summit.

Check my article about the first day to have full details about each session and details of the new features, etc.

Note: I will update this post with the next blog post about the rest of the summit days/sessions.


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Nice Recap @JailBreak , I always have my notes in draft form from summit. It will help me if i missed something ;)

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Second day blog post.

In this second day there was also a lot of content sharing.

Second Day:

#Veeam100Summit Second day

First Session - Coffee & The Cloud: Hot Topics in Azure, AWS and Google Cloud

This session was presented by Leah Troscianecki - Principal Product Marketing Manager, Public Cloud and Kirsten Stoner – Technologist – Product Strategy.

The information is based on the reports Cloud Protection Trends Report 2021 and Cloud Protection Trends Report 2023. Since the 2023 report is not public yet, I will only provide some examples for the 2021 report.

Second Session - Veeam Backup for Public Cloud Updates
This session was presented by Niels Engelen - Principal Analyst, Product Management at Veeam Software.

Third Session - Cloud and Service Provider Update: v12 Veeam Cloud & Service Provider, Clouds and Veeam ONE
In this session was presented by Anthony Spiteri - Senior Technologist, Product Strategy, Kirsten Stoner – Technologist – Product Strategy, and Fabian Kessler - Product Management Analyst.

Fourth Session - Veeam Backup for Salesforce v1

The presentation of this new product was presented by Andrey Zhelezko - Product Strategy, and Mike Resseler - Director Product Management.


Fifth Session - Veeam100 vs 1: Thunderdome Edition

Rasmus Haslund - Principal Technologist and VMCT Program Manager, presented this final session of the day.

Veeam 100 Summit party dinner.

And the day was not over. On the second day, we had our Veeam 100 group party dinner event.

Check my blog post for details about the Veeam 100 Summit second day.

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Nice recap. Thanks for sharing.