Veeam 100 Summit 2023 - Social

  • 3 November 2023

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And the Veeam 100 Summit 2023 has now come to a close. I myself made it home yesterday, and I know others have stayed on a bit longer but the numbers are starting to dwindle as this becomes just a fond memory.

For my final piece of Veeam 100 content here, I want to share with you the heart of what makes this event such a success. The people! And I welcome the other Veeam 100 attendees to share any green content photos and stories!

For me, whether it’s been getting lost in the beautiful architecture of Prague, or having a cheeky pint after hours, the friends I’ve shared it with have made it unforgettable!

Photobooth Fun
The Vanny Passover Ceremony
Great Friends


Great Food
Great Party
The Best People


Here’s to the number one tech community in the world 🍻


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What an amazing week. Was good to see everyone.

And thank you Michael for writing these blogs this week :)




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Some very cool pics. I will post some probably Monday after I recover and also do a blog post as well.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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Was another great Summit. Glad you were able to make it this year Michael!