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I’d like to share a new vCommunity Podcast that’s been in the works lately.

We discuss all things vCommunity. A gathering place if you will of people from all walks of the tech community. Its not vendor specific, but you may find a few friendly faces from time to time.

Special thanks to @keiranshelden for pushing to have this start off. Along with regular guests @tsmith,  @JoeHoughes and myself @Tyler Jurgens we tackle a range of topics and questions.


Check us out!


You can find us on (other platforms will be added as we can):
Apple Podcast:


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Subscribed on YouTube.  Always free to join you as well.  😉

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Subscribed but need to spend some time there and see what’s up.  

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Cool initiative Tyler...and gang! 😊

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What a cool idea. I love it and am slightly jealous I didn’t start it haha.