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Hi everyone,

I want to share with y’all my experience with the VBR12 Quick Migration!

Im in Love, its absolutely insain how good it works, and has facilitated my lab migration 1000%!

Let me show you with some screeshots the process and the result!

go to the inventory, right click in the machine you want to move
here is, lets get in to it
choosing destiny
If this is a cluster, you can use vMotion, if not, Veeam Transport mode
Checking if doable….
Boom!! time to go! Be careful! Delete source after move, I select it, use it at your own risk.
Process started
Done! success!! lets check in the vsphere console, 
here is, in the new hypervisor, turned on, ready to go!
here is, works great, with minimum down time, moved clean and easy!

Do you like this functionality?

My home Lab loves it!



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I truly have never used it much but looks like I just might after seeing your post Luis.  Gotta love every feature of Veeam.  😎

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Love this post. Short and an eyeopener 

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I’ve tested it a few times and it seemed to work good.  Most of the time storage or enhanced vMotion works pretty well so it took me some specific use cases to really require it. 


I had 2 extremely isolated VMware environments both backed up by Veeam and was able to migrate servers with it when vMotion didn’t work for me.