VBO Calculator Community Edition V2

  • 9 November 2020

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VBO Calculator Community Edition V2


First we want to thank you for the great feedback and your input for Version 1 of the Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Calculator Community Edition! We already added some new features and bugfixes which we want to share with you.

Click here to download the new version:Download

(If you missed the first post where you can find all instructions, please follow: https://www.backupbros.com/2020/09/22/veeam-backup-for-microsoft-office-365-calculator/)

To keep this short let me introduce the new features:

Price Comparison
We are now able to do a price comparision with on-premise-storage (where the compression is a bit lower) and your preferred object storage. As well as a second object storage vendor.
You can enter your on-premise-storage costs (local object storage and local direct storage) in the input sheet:

If you want to compare your preferred cloud object storage vendor with another one, just select the second vendor in the dropdown above the chart.

VM egress costs
We received some questions about API and egress costs when running VBO in a cloud environment like Azure or AWS. When backing up your Office 365 the Proxy will produce traffic. This traffic will be charged additionaly from the cloud provider. Because there are a lot of different pricings and calculations available, we added a dropdown in the input-sheet.

Depending on our selection we display a message in the summary-tab that extra costs must be applied. Maybe we will combine this in future with some pricings.

Misc. Tools
We added a restore and synchronization “Simulator” where you can calculate what a complete restore will cost depending on your object storage vendor.
You can also simulate what it costs if you want to synchronize your repository-cache after a disaster or new configuration of your VBO environment.

Additional changes

– We added some french prices to our pricelist “VIVE LA FRANCE !”
– Some cleanup within the calculation sheets
– Added some definitions and labels for the input-fields

We hope we will receive new feedback and ideas from your side ! Thanks for your support!

Have fun using this awesome tool 🙂


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Linking here Veeam Backup for Office 365 Calculator v1 for those who missed :)

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Ah ! I was just wondering how to add French costs automatically … and change “Excehange Rate” ! :)
Thanks !

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Ah ! I was just wondering how to add French costs automatically … and change “Excehange Rate” ! :)
Thanks !

Hi Yosh, can you please contact me directly ? You can use the “custom” fields in the price-list to add your personal rates. I can send you the rough-format-file if you want. Please send me a mail benedikt.daeumling@veeam.com.

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Thanks for the share.

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Thanks for the share! :astonished: