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V12 News Hub

V12 News Hub
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It’s time to build the hype and readiness for V12! And as I announced on the special episode #100 of the Veeam Community Recap, I’m going to make a news hub here where everything you need for V12 can be viewed in one place leading up to the launch. Upon GA; I’ll also put a link to the V12 Upgrade Center (like I did for V11). I will target updating this weekly, and if you have a blog/external resource about V12 - be sure to put it in the comments below. 

Last updated:  30-January 2023


IMPORTANT:   V12 Release Update

  • The RTM release of V12 has been made available to partners on 30-January. RTM is the release for partners or for customers needing/seeking early availability of the product. If you use a Veeam Cloud Service Provider or VCSP (such as those here:  http://vee.am/splookup ) for Veeam-Powered Services; you will need to ensure that the VCSP has upgraded first. End users using VCSPs should not upgrade ahead of the service provider. Check with your service provider if you are using one for more information.

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The first two links take you to the same place:

Security Readiness Best Practices with Veeam Platform v12

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Today is the day!!  Cannot wait for the launch event to start.  #anticipation 😁