The Veeam Linux Hardened Repository processes

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Hi! I highlight in this post the processes involved in protecting a Veeam Linux Hardened Backup Repository. To correctly handle files and objects associated with different backup chains, Veeam processes must have control over immutability at the file and object level. This is why the immutability implemented only at the directory or bucket level is unsuitable for flexible and granular protection of backup chains. I hope this information is helpful to you.

How does Veeam Hardened / Immutable Repository work? – Cloud and Roll (



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Thanks for sharing this.  Excellent article.

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Appreciate the VHR info @leduardoserrano . 

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Thanks, team. These VHR processes/services are very interesting. You can verify and see it with some Linux commands:

ps aux | grep -i Veeamps aux | grep -i Veeam


Go to a backup directory using the CD command (like cd /mnt/backup/VMxx) and explore the backup files:


ls -a -l

cat .veeam.X.lock

getfattr *

getfattr * -n user.immutable.until



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Yep...I have some of those cmds already on-hand to look at my Volume. I also do a count cmd to see how many immutable lines I have which helps me verify my per-VM backups have the correct amount of immutable restore points

lsattr | cut -d '-' -f5 | grep 'i' | wc -l

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Very nice, @coolsport00 ! :-)