Testing communication ports with PowerShell (Without Telnet)

  • 6 September 2022

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During troubleshooting a backup environment, it’s common the necessity of test ports responsivity of our backup servers, like Veeam backup server, mount server, proxy or repositories.

We normally do that with telnet. However, by default telnet client is not installed during Windows Server and the Veeam Backup Server often is our principal component our backup infrastructure.

So, if you want to test some communication port without install telnet client, you can use PowerShell for it.

Use the sintax below:

Test-NetConnection -ComputerName <IP> -Port <port>

Here is an example for the command:

An interesting point is that if the communication port is not well succeeded, the utility make an aditional ping test:



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Love using this command to test things like VCC connections.  Great share. 👍

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Yes, great command. And available at every Windows maschine. I use it often 😎👍🏼

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Nice share, could be a great alternative way to putty 😎

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Thanks for this.  I always seem to forget this command exists and either end up installing the telnet client or pull out a portable copy of PuTTY and use it.

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Great share @wolff.mateus 

And if you don’t fancy typing it all out, the alias for it is ‘TNC’ 😀

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Great share @wolff.mateus 

And if you don’t fancy typing it all out, the alias for it is ‘TNC’ 😀

Wow! I really don’t know that.

Thanks @dips!