Recap : 15 reasons to choose Veeam over competitors

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In the 2 days during VEEAMON 2021, there was often the question from new members why to choose Veeam over other competitors…

Therefore my own top-15. There will be more reasons, but I think it will cover a lot of the reasons and I don’t think someone has to hesitate anymore ;-)


  1. Portability

Something I like very hard! All necessary information is built into the backup-file.

You are not dependent of your backup-server to restore something. In case of emergency of disaster it’s just sufficient to install VBR Community Edition (free), import your backup-file and restore. You can even extract your backup-file (without VBR) to the .VMDK or .VHDX files.

Next to that : the format is interchangeable : you can for example restore a VM (backup taken from vSphere on-premises) to Azure or to HyperV, or restore a backup taken with a Veeam Agent to Amazon EC2 or HyperV, … and so on, the list is very long!  

Not always possible with other backup vendors in my experience.


  1. Universal licenses

If you use universal licenses you can migrate through different platforms (vSphere, HyperV, cloud, physical, NAS, ...) if you want, when you want without the need to change your Veeam licenses.

How handy is that!


  1. User-friendly interface

That’s the first thing that’s impressive. Almost everything is put in a logical place in the interface. It’s easy for not Veeam experienced persons to install and configure Veeam software.

To configure Veeam by using best practices and using the best design and setup it’s recommended to let it configure by a partner, certified engineer/architect. Of course, that’s recommended for all software.


  1. Several solutions for several platforms

Veeam has several solutions, the flagship Veeam Backup & Replication for different hypervisors (HyperV, vSphere, Nutanix AHV and newly RHV). Also Veeam Agents for different platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac) intended to backup physical machines or VMs in the public cloud or even VMs on an on-premises hypervisor (but needs to backup for example inline iSCSI drives, ...).

Also a solution Veeam Backup for Office 365 for backup of Office 365 (Onedrive for Business, Exchange (online and on-premises), sharepoint (online and on-premises) and teams.

Next to that an advanced monitoring and reporting tool for your hypervisor and backups : Veeam ONE.

And the lists goes on : Veeam Cloud Connect for service providers, Veeam Service Provider Console, Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator, native backup cloud solutions for Azure, AWS, ...


  1. Scalable

The products can be used for personal use, small business over mid-sized companies until enterprise customers.

How cool is that!

With a lot of vendors that is not possible and are just focused on 1 segment.


  1. Advanced monitoring and reporting

Veeam delivers Veeam ONE, a monitoring and reporting tool which integrates very well with Veeam Backup & Replication. It monitores your hypervisor-infrastructure and your backups. It even can detect possible ransomware actions and a lot more!

You can schedule a lot of reports (even business related), handy for delivering on your management.


  1. Instant recovery

If a disaster happens, it’s even possible to instantly restore servers if you want. With this function you can bring your latest backup of a server online in even seconds - minutes without fully restoring it. Your backup-file is just mounted on your hypervisor and runs on your backup-repository.

Not only possible for servers but also SQL-databases if wanted.


  1. From backup over replication to cdp

With Veeam Backup & Replication you can implement of course backups (intended on a average daily base).

Next to that you can even use replication to a DR-server or DR-site (intended on a average hourly base).

And since the latest version you can even implement continuous data protection (intended for your most critical machines on a second base).

That all is possible with just 1 product!


  1. Test recoverability - DR

To fullfill the 0 of the 3-2-1-1-0 golden backup rule you can automatically test your backups (with surebackup) or even test your replica’s (with surereplica). Health-checks, ping-tests, roles and even customized tests can be performed.

You can even use this functionality to setup a datalab to test upgrades before implementing them on your production.

You even have a seperate application Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator to fully automate your disaster recovery test with dynamically automated documentation.


  1. BaaS and DRaaS for service providers

Service Providers of Veeam can deliver you BaaS or DRaaS using Veeam Cloud Connect (in fact Veeam Backup & Replication with extra functionallity). This all in a secure way with a SSL connection.

It’s so easy to send a backup copy of your on-premises environment or cloud environment to a BaaS MSP. You have then an offsite copy and even an airgapped copy (if insider protection is enabled).

With a DRaaS MSP you can even send a replication of your on-premises environment in case of a disaster.


  1. Support department

Veeam possesses a high-end support department. They have a splendid technical knowledge, speak good to fluent English and are always ready to assist you when needed.

They will always try to give you a solution that works.


  1. For every demand a solution

Almost for every demand Veeam delivers a solution. If it is not yet available, it’s probably already a feature request and R&D is already implementing a solution.


  1. All solutions integrates very well

All Veeam solutions have the same look & feel, having all a very intuitive interface. Furthermore a lot of Veeam applications integrates very well with each other.

Veeam agents integrates in VBR, the native cloud solutions integrates in VBR, VBR integrates with VCC, and so on ...


  1. Storage and cloud integrations

Veeam delivers a lot of integrations with the most important storage vendors and object storage vendors (HP, Dell, ...).

Next to that it delivers also integrations with the most important public cloud vendors (Azure, AWS, Google, ...).


  1. Reliable : IT JUST WORKS !!!

And last but not least, Veeam delivers very reliable software! Definitely the most reliable backup-software I worked with.



So there are a lot of reasons to choose Veeam over competitors, no reasons to hesitate.




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This is great @Nico Losschaert 

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Nice write-up @Nico Losschaert . Good job!

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Thx @Rick Vanover and @coolsport00 !

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Good idea @Chris.Childerhose , maybe does @Rick Vanover  or @Kseniya has some functionality to pin this on the main-page or so ;-) ?


Yeah, great idea! :clap_tone3: It’s sticky now!

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Good idea @Chris.Childerhose , maybe does @Rick Vanover  or @Kseniya has some functionality to pin this on the main-page or so ;-) ?


Yeah, great idea! :clap_tone3: It’s sticky now!

Thanks @Kseniya 

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