[Quicktip] Licensing error during backup

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These days I saw a strange error that makes every backup failed. I thought this would be interesting to share. 


There were a few jobs running each day. From a point in time all jobs failed. Error that was shown in console was:


[Error Unhandled exception was thrown during licensing process]


I checked licensing of course. All hosts were licensed using perpetual licensing. No instances were licensed separately.


It turned out to be no license problem at all. What happened was, password of the user that was used for connecting to VMware vCenter was changed. After updating the new password in Veeam Manage Credentials too, everything works fine again.


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Rise your hand for who passed for this problem too!



Thanks for this post @vNote42.

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When I remember correct, I have seen this error as I have used VEEAM for the first two weeks.

But as nothing else was working I suspected that the connection to the vCenter was faulty at first place.

So I did not take too much notice at this error… I was glad to get the whole thing working again.

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It will be nice to have a more relevant error, roll up your sleeves developers.. :grinning:

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Thanks for sharing mate

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@vNote42 absolute life saver mate. Was scratching my head for ages trying to figure this out. 

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@vNote42 Thank you. You helped me with this one :)

Thx for that.

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Thx for that.

with pleasure! 


Muito obrigado, @vNote42 . 

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Great observation! Thanks for sharing!

I got the same Veeam error too, but for me the problem was situated in the VMWare environment and not in Veeam. There was a problem with the VSphere VCS appliance and the VSphere website gave a "no healthy upstream” error message. After repairing the VCS appliance everything worked OK again in VEEAM.

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I also went through the issue when you re-add machines for a failure, or new datastore migration or something, and we run out of vms licenses, and needed to go to veeam console, unassigned all vms to their licenses, and when the tests were re-launched, all vms were having licenses again.

It is a bit awkward the first time you see it, after that, you check it like a robot!


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Just faced the issue with a SAP HANA plugin job. No PW changes at all here.

But it went away in the next cycle. Quite misleading message.

I know this thread has been long and may not be relevant to the newer Veeam BS version. The more interesting because I first got this error on version Unlike the first comment, I did not have to do anything to solve, the account to VCS was OK, VCS worked, after about 10min I made rescan at VCS and again launched a backup .... developers Veeam “This is not a good business card”