Near-zero Replication for Veeam Repositories

  • 2 September 2023
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In this demo I illustrate how you too can utilize the Pure Storage platform to provide rapid recovery and near-zero replication for your Veeam repositories.

This lab consists of 2 Pure arrays, 2 vSphere clusters and a single VCenter. Though in this lab we could use other means to provide recovery, say through vSphere, this setup up was used to simply illustrate an easy to use and efficient DR strategy from Production to a DR cluster. Utilizing, Veeam.

In this lab I built 2 Veeam servers. The first holds the Veeam Backup Server, proxy, and primary repository. The second runs the Veeam Disaster Recovery (VDRO) server and is the remote repository. In this lab – I do not utilize VDRO for recovery – that will come in a later post.

Normally, in a Veeam scenario like this there would be 2 Veeam jobs providing restores and the local and remote sites. The first would be the primary backup job to the repository local to the production site. The second, would be what is called a backup copy job from the primary repository to another setup at the DR site. But here I try something different.

I mean, if your storage platform is already the steward of the data, why go through reading and writing it all over again? Why mess with schedules that can fall behind and fail to provide the most recent copy of the restores- in the time of a disaster? Let the data platform do the work.

So, in this demo I show you how ActiveDR will do just that. If you are not familiar with ActiveDR, this is an included feature on all Pure Flash Arrays. The feature is easy to setup and once complete requires no further management to keep your data replicated at a near-zero RPO. Further, it provides quick and easy failover to pre-configured hosts. And the ability to test failover, without stopping site-to-site replication.

In the demo you will see how utilizing this built-in feature of the Pure platform, but also an efficient means of site-to-site replication. Allowing you to quickly kick into DR mode, to provide rapid recovery during a disaster. Further, it provides an easy-to-use platform to utilize Veeam’s advanced data features. TO test restores at DR, in a sandbox, or easily roll through copies of your data to identify and remove malware during a ransomware attack.

Give the demo a watch and see how easy it is to modernize your
backup and DR, with Pure and Veeam.

Let’s get into it!


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Another very cool demo. Thanks for sharing this one also. 👍