Linux and Windows, happily ever after, who would have thought

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I am old enough to remember the intense wars between Windows and Linux users in the late 90’s.

I actually had a dream that I woke up many many years in the future, circa 2100 where both OS’s had merged and life was wonderful. 

Well it is 2023, the world is still crazy BUT… today I got Terminator and Remmina running on Windows 11 via WSL2, and what's more with a shortcut!!!


I am back on a windows laptop due to corporate stuff. I don’t miss the MAC to be honest, It felt like it was a half Windows half Linux (or BSD) Frankenstein but hey that is just personal taste so to each their own.

How far has the world come though!!

Terminator is my favorite terminal program and Remmina for RDP well, I just like it (don’t save your passwords in there though). 

In your Ubuntu shell type 

sudo apt install terminator -y

sudo apt install remmina -y

First see if it can run (some complaints about the config but I will figure those out later) 

Terminator is back

and now for Remmina:


Some verbose anger there back in the cli shell window but lets see if it is just the donkey barking at being pushed forward or not :)


Now for shortcuts. Create a shortcut on your windows desktop with a target:

C:\Windows\System32\wslg.exe -u <your username> -d ubuntu -- /usr/bin/remmina


And for Arnold the Terminator:

C:\Windows\System32\wslg.exe -u <your username> -d ubuntu -- /usr/bin/terminator


Ok now I will fool around with them both. Hopefully, they can keep settings (also that -u root might not be to good so will look into that as well). 


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Very cool tools might check them out once I work on Tanzu in the lab for a bit.  😎

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In the context of kubernetes very useful for splitting screens so you can see all of your nodes. 

More info here:

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Never heard of those. Thank you for sharing. I’m currently on a MAC, but I do have a Windows jump box. May have to test those out. Thanks Geoff!

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The state of my mind at 3:33PM as viewed through terminator :)