Instant NAS Recovery and Machine Learning / Multi Engine Malware

  • 23 November 2020

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The ability to perform backups on unstructued NAS/Fileserver data made its way into Veeam Backup and Replication in version 10 and they are now starting to build out on that foundation in v11 which is currently in closed beta testing.  

One of these new features extends Veeam's "instant" capabilities further such as Instant Disk Recovery or even Instant VM Recovery which is... you guessed it... Instant NAS Recovery

Earlier in the year I had a lot of fun playing about with the Data Integration API (more here, Data Integration API ) which allows for you to present virtual machine disks out of a backup restore point over the network and do something with them.

nstant NAS Recovery works in a similar fashion to other instant functionality by presenting data from any of your restore points to a "target".

As an example, for virtual machines this would be taking the latest VM restore point and actually bringing the server online into the hypervisor (the target) but not having to transit all of the data, effectively running it from your backup repository so the recovery time is very low. By the way, they enhanced this further by allowing you to do an instant disk recovery in v10, taking a single disk from a VM and presenting that to another live/running VM.

So with that in mind, Instant NAS Recovery mounts the restore point from your NAS or File Server (nfs, smb etc) and makes it available to a target server. For my demo here I will be presenting it to the backup server itself but this does not have to be the case.

See this in action!




You can view the full writeup which dives a little deeper if you are interested here,


p.s sorry this is not a question… missed the bit in the UI.


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Great Content, thank you for sharing !!!

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Awesome content, already saw your first video. it gives so much idea about it. I need to think about how to map faster disk to read data in then process ita with python and push it into elasticsearch for science purpose :)

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You got the right idea there @BertrandFR , I've nearly got something in that space working and will share once I find some time to finish it off.


So much scope with these instant recovery features as well as the Data Integration API, uses for these are only going to explode over the next wee while, what a time to be alive!

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Great stuff, thanks!

With Veeam backups respectively restore points can be used to do more than just waiting for recovery. They can be used for testing, staging, .... It is just more than backup any more!

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Thank you!

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Excellent work, thank you!