Increase the Security of Your Veeam Environment with Veeam Security&Compliance

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Security & Compliance Analyzer in Veeam Backup & Replication 12.1 is a tool that allows you to examine and evaluate the installed Veeam backup infrastructure for security and compliance. This tool helps identify vulnerabilities and compliance violations associated with Veeam backup.

This tool has basic functions as follows:

Security Assessment: Performs a scan of the system to identify vulnerabilities of the Veeam backup infrastructure. This scan checks various security criteria such as password policies, access controls, status of updates, etc.

Compliance Assessment: Evaluates compliance with a specific compliance standard (e.g. GDPR). This helps determine whether Veeam backup infrastructure needs to be configured to meet applicable data protection laws or regulations.

Reporting and Monitoring: Security & Compliance Analyzer reports and monitors results. Users can get detailed information about security vulnerabilities or compliance violations and take the necessary steps to resolve these issues.

Risk Mitigation and Remediation Recommendations: The tool provides recommendations for detected vulnerabilities or compliance violations. These recommendations indicate steps that can be taken to reduce risks and make infrastructure more secure.

In this way, the Security & Compliance Analyzer in Veeam Backup & Replication 12.1 helps meet data protection and compliance requirements by ensuring that the Veeam backup infrastructure is evaluated for security and compliance and remediation is made where necessary.





I really like this tool I hope they add many more security checks 😀

You can also access the information through powershell, I recently added this content to the AsBuiltReport.Veeam.VBR script.

I leave here the link if anyone wants to access it for reference!

Powershell Code

Here is an example of the report where you can see the security checks:

AsBuiltReport.Veeam.VBR Report

Thanks so much for sharing the information!

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Really great tool for sure.

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Nice post. It’s difficult to get everything green!

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Nice post. It’s difficult to get everything green!

I managed to but there are somethings I ignored or excluded so they are not checked.  😂