If you want to learn Kubernetes go no further, mark the date December 6th!

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Hi Folks,


It will be a great honour and huge pleasure to have a chat with Mumshad Mannambeth from Kodekloud. I found all the Kubernetes certifications to be very challenging exams. Kodekloud’s courses are excellent and the practice exams prepared me for what was going to come. All of the Linux Foundation exams (except for the entry level KCNA) are hands on from the command line. There are time restraints and you have to solve real problems that can occur in production. The experience was like dealing with multiple priority 1 emergencies one after the other. The key is learning the material but also putting the kubectl commands to muscle memory. Of course keeping your cool is a huge priority. 

I hope to find out a lot of interesting details from Mumshad about how he created Kodekloud but also get some tips on what is coming and what are the hot topics in the Devops education world.




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Looking forward to this session. Signed up for sure. 

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Thank you very much for sharing. I hope this does not conflict with other appointments.  

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Thanks for sharing!