Hours in the CLI but sometimes you need to break out? A quick solution to beeam you out

  • 30 November 2022

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Hi Everyone,


More and more of us are spending our days wandering around various CLIs. There are times when you need to jump out into a file explorer in the precise location where your pwd command locates you.

on windows simply type 

start .

on a Mac do

open .

and on Linux (I will demo this since I am in my basement on one of my stashed Linux machines hidden away :) 

xdg-open .

So here I am in my Pictures directory


I would like to see the thumbnails quickly so here it goes



and Voila! 



If the xdg-open command is too long for you go ahead and create an alias in your .bashrc file




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Very cool. I love learning or stumbling on shortcuts that help you work more efficiently.  This one is cool! 😎

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Thank you! This is going to be really handy 😀

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I love a good shortcut!  Could be why I have a gaming keyboard with hotkeys, an Elgato, and a macro keyboard for photo/video editing to save time :)