Go to VeeamON!

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Go to VeeamON
Make your Backup policy Strong
And remember Miami Beach is real Long
Don't go wrong
Join the Throng
Singing the defeat ransomware song
During the famous last night party at VeeamON

Leave your boss with no doubt
Because you will gain the expert's clout
And your company's profits will mount
Let the cyber criminals pout
When you punch ransomware in the snout
Don't be a lout
Get the heck out
Turn up the volume and shout
Because at VeeamON your knowledge will sprout

And then there's the swag
Too much to fit in a single bag
Competitor's merch left behind in the lag

So make the right choice
And prepare to rejoice

VeeamON is where its at
Come dressed in a hat
Step up to bat 
Be cool like Alfred the Veeam Legend cat

Or take in the Vanguard views
While getting all the latest technology news

Left with no regret
Get those travel plans set
And your backup targets will be met

VeeamON is coming up fast
It is going to be a blast
So get on board and climb up to the top of the mast
Because when it comes Data protection
You don't wanna be last!


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Very cool rhymes 😎

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well done buddy!

that was pretty cool!

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I applaud you @Geoff Burke 😊

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Bah...love this.  

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Nicely done @Geoff Burke !!!