Friday Musings before a long weekend. What does IT community mean for you?

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Hi Everyone, 

I generally wake up in a good mood on Friday. Full of energy and ready to end the week and transfer myself in to relaxation mode. During these “feel good” moments I often find myself wondering about the “bigger” questions of life.

This morning first thing I watched the weekly Veeam recap with @Madi.Cristil @MicoolPaul and @coolsport00 (notice both of the latter have “cool” in their usernames.. coincidence? I think not 😀). That got me thinking about the Veeam community and IT communities in general. I remembered what life was like before joining all of these great groups and came to the realisation that my IT communities, and especially the Veeam community, have become a very important part of my life. This has gone beyond the simple need for a technical source of information. 

IT community has added an enormous positive ingredient into my world. I now have friends and acquaintances that span the globe. Many I have never met in person and yet it feels as if they are like good office colleagues or fellow club members. I remember VeeamON 2022 in Las Vegas after covid isolation when I saw many of these people for the first time and how strange that felt when virtual people suddenly became real, i.e. humans in 3D!

I guess what we are witnessing is the evolution of IT communities, what once were nested in dial up BBS ( , later transitions to icq and online forums, and now live in colourful Web hubs like the Veeam Community Hub. 

As with data protection,  when it comes to IT community, Veeam has been on the avant-guarde of this evolution. Just think of all the events and innovations that we see constantly emerging of this site!

One thing is for sure, if you enjoy boredom the Veeam Community Hub is not where you want to be 😁!

So I guess on this happy Friday morning, right before a Canadian long weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving), I want to say a sincere thank you to Veeam for letting me take part in their great communities and ask you all, What does IT community mean to you?


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Couldn't agree more '’if you enjoy boredom the Veeam Community Hub is not where you want to be 😁!'’ 👏

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Hahaha...thanks for sharing @Geoff Burke . Good words. And, Happy Thanksgiving! 😊

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The community is the place to go for sharing knowledge, helping others and interacting with like minded individuals. Best community out there if you ask me. 😎

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

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This community is amazing. It’s great to have a group of people share a similar interest from around the world and actually get to meet them. VeeamON2022 was such a good experience and I have made some great friends being in here.


The information and knowledge I have gained from this community helps my career, and in turn it’s a pleasure to give back to the community.