[FREE Kubernetes Backup] 2 Ways to Try Kasten K10

  • 2 February 2021

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Hey everyone,

There were a few discussions at Community Hub around Kasten, Kubernetes and the way to try K10 product (if there are NFR keys available)

Well, the good news is that there are two ways to test it!

  1. Hands-on Lab: Take a Kasten K10 Testdrive

You can take a live testdrive of K10, Kasten's data management platform for all your Kubernetes-native backup, DR, and application mobility needs.

What you have to do to get access: To learn how Kubernetes-native application backup and recovery works, complete the form here and receive an email containing a link to the Kasten K10 testdrive.

  1. Install from the Cloud - 50 Nodes for 1 Month, 10 Free Forever

K10 Editions (Starter, Enterprise Trial, and Enterprise)

The default Starter edition, provided at no charge, is functionally the same as the Enterprise Trial and Enterprise editions but limited from a support and scale perspective. Customers choosing to upgrade to the Enterprise edition can obtain a license key from Kasten or install from cloud marketplaces. Feel free to check product page for a comparison of the editions.

What you have to do to get access: Use Self install or Market place install options here


Happy testing!



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Time to give this a try in my home lab now that I have a proper one.  :sunglasses:

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Very nice. I need a bigger lab… :grin::grin::grin:

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New community feature request, loving a post instead of liking! This is awesome. Thanks @Kseniya  

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Well now i have to deploy openshift community to try this in my lab, my sleeping time will suffer again :rofl:

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Haha love it, @MicoolPaul! Consider that feature request approved! :smile::smile::smile:



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Superb! Thanks mate!!

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These are really great news!

If you want to try VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid you should check out William Lams Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) Demo Appliance here: https://www.virtuallyghetto.com/2021/01/tanzu-kubernetes-grid-tkg-demo-appliance-1-2-1.html

I finished my nested vSphere with Tanzu installation this week, so I should be ready for testing :smile: