Enhanced Visibility across Veeam Portfolio using RESTful API and Grafana

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Hello Community!

For years, I have been Looking for the Perfect Dashboard, using different technologies and approaches, which includes Veeam ONE, Elastic, Splunk, and Grafana. All the mentioned technologies are great for deep visibility, log inspection, capacity planning, etc.

But as Veeam has been moving into the right direction of including RESTful API on all products, I finally decided myself to use a combination of Bash Shell Script, InfluxDB, and Grafana.

Here it is myself with a Grafana t-shirt I made, on the example monitoring Veeam :)


How does all of this looks like?

So, if you are wondering how all of this might look, it is indeed quite easy, so on the left we have all sort of Veeam Products, with their RESTful API, in this case:

Then we capture all with different bash shell scripts, one per product, save them to InfluxDB, and finally we visualize all that data with Grafana. Pretty neat isn’t?


What I usually need to get this up and running?

Now we understand the diagram, concept, and data flow. We will need:

  • The Veeam product we want to monitor, with proper license when required (Enterprise Manager requires Enterprise Plus or VUL), and the RESTful API enabled whenever required as well.
  • Download the Bash Shell Script for the Veeam product you want to monitor, luckily they can all be found here - https://github.com/VeeamHub/grafana
  • Finally, you will need a small VM, either on-prem, or in the Cloud, with InfluxDB, and Grafana installed and running. 

Veeam Grafana Dashboards ready-to-consume

As said, I have been working on this way of extracting data, and making it gorgeous, yet useful Dashboards, you can find them on the VeeamHub, but I want to show them over here so you can quickly watch them, and hopefully you find some ideas and inspiration:

Veeam Enterprise Manager

A great dashboard that ingests all the data from Enterprise Manager RESTful API. Download it here - https://github.com/VeeamHub/grafana/tree/master/veeam-enterprise_manager-grafana

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365

A great dashboard that ingests all the data from VBO RESTful API. Download it here - https://github.com/VeeamHub/grafana/tree/master/veeam-backup-for-office365-grafana

Veeam Backup for Azure

A great dashboard that ingests all the data from VBA Azure RESTful API. Download it here - https://github.com/VeeamHub/grafana/tree/master/veeam-backup-microsoft-azure-grafana

Veeam Backup for Nutanix AHV

An interesting Dashboard that looks at the RESTful API from VAN, extracts data, and finally you can see something like this - https://github.com/VeeamHub/grafana/tree/master/veeam_backup_nutanix_ahv-grafana

Veeam XFS/ReFS fast-clone Disk savings

By now, you must have heard about the good things ReFS can brings to your backups, and backup repository disk space, so this Dashboard would try to give some light to this disk savings - https://github.com/VeeamHub/grafana/tree/master/veeam-fastclone-stats

That’s it for today. Happy to gather some more feedback, add ideas into this, etc. Please keep the line open.


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Whoa! Slick!

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Thanks for the work, i already discover before on your blog. I Did the work to push metrics to graphite because we don’t have influx :)

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some of that looks familiar ...you’re a machine mate :)


I’ve been looking for a reason to use Grafana. Thank you for giving me that reason.

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Love the ReFS/XFS savings dashboard. Very cool stuff, Jorge. Thank you for sharing the scripts too, will take a closer look.

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Thanks a lot for the great feedback guys, looking forward to understand and improve the dashboards with your ideas, they are all free, and for everyone.

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Wow, great dashboards. I think, I will begin to use Grafana, too :sunglasses:
Especial the ReFS/XFS savings dashboard ist interesting, the information about the savngs are difficult to display with other methods - at least for me, perhaps I have missed the right method up to now...

Thank you for sharing :thumbsup_tone2:

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Excellent Post, very clear, very useful 👏

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@jorge.delacruz Hey! Have you already push your metrics to elasticsearch with telegraf :)?

I will try this soon, we’r implemeting a large elasticsearch for observability. I’m curious what i can do with anomaly detection / behavior analysis with metrics you gather and cross data with metricbeat module vmware :)

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Hello @BertrandFR 

I have not played with sending thigs to Elastic, but I was planning on doing that, and extending a lot by parsing all Veeam logs across all products, as opposite of using the API, let’s see how it goes :)


Thanks for the good feedback, I think the AD/B on Elastic it is quite something amazing!

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Hello @jorge.delacruz , i’m waiting attentively your work on Veeam logs :). What’s you logs scrapper? Winlogbeat ? Nxlog?

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Hello @jorge.delacruz , i’m waiting attentively your work on Veeam logs :). What’s you logs scrapper? Winlogbeat ? Nxlog?

For the work on Elastic, I would prefer Winlogbeat, I will try to use the Grok on Graylog as well, so we can visualize them in Grafana as well.

These are my plans for 2021, so still early stages, and I hope I can find enough time to finish those great projects, I know that they will help us all moving forward.

For now, working on getting v11, and some pieces into Grafana using the normal API to InfluxDB :)