DR with Veeam Orchestrator and Pure Storage

  • 2 September 2023
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I have been thinking a little more about how best customers can best utilize their technology to build in fool-proof data protection. Data protection which helps eliminates risk normally associated with managing a data protection solution.

I have spent a long time dealing in this space, and I have found, that it’s common for organizations to put data protection solutions on the back burner. Utilizing cheaper, and sometimes older technology that lacks features and tools that reduce management risks. Because it isn’t viewed production data.
This is only true, until it is. When your production is offline, you need a reliable solution to get you back to work, as fast as possible.

Now, my approach has always been to match the best technology. Careful not to overcomplicate, but enough to allow best in breed, or match technology that is first class in their space to build the solution. So, in this demo I will show how features in Pure can help support those in Veeam.

So, what does this demonstrate?

First, Veeam’s built-in resiliency around setup. The ability to recover a full Veeam server with the built-in exported configuration file. Allowing the user to bring up all the settings of a lost server, into a fresh new install. Works great for migrations too! And I should know, with several personal stories around each. But that is for another time.

Second, Veeam’s Orchestration tool, which allows the user to build run books around their simple restore or even full DR plans. Which can be set and even tested - well before any event. Ensuring there are no mistakes or delays in getting back up and running, in a disaster.

Then, I take these features and combine them with the simplicity of Pure data feature set. Ensuring your data is resilient and where you need it to be. With also no ongoing management. And of course, I am talking about, Pure’s very own ActiveDR.

This demo will walk through

  • Losing the Original Pure Volume backed VBR Server

  • Use the replicated repository to quickly bring the repository online to a new VBR server

  • Import the stored configuration file, also stored in this repository, to rebuild the VBR Server at the DR site

  • Then switch to Veeam Orchestrator to validate and then run the pre-configured DR plan to restore the VMs at DR.

  • This is based on a previous lab outlined in this post, where I demonstrate, ActiveDR with a Veeam repository. The only change being an additional Veeam server to which I will recover the Veeam configuration file.

Quick, and easy. Utilizing the best of both these platforms to build a modern data protection solution. But don’t take my word(s) for it. Click the video below, and let’s get into it!


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This is very cool. Thanks for sharing always interested in Pure storage with Veeam.