Big challenge at big financial sector

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I have a big challenge when a big project for Veeam was handed over to me in the middle, the project was at big financial sector, it was a migration from Networker + Data Domain to Veeam on Pure NAS storage.

The first challenge was I have no choice to set the best practice, like not to backup to NAS storage, specially with huge environment with more than 30 Hyper-V host and big Oracle database.

The second challenge was is to backup Hyper-V with internal policy to disable checkpoints!!!

The third challenge was to backup 60TB Oracle DB with applications using same ports of Veeam to NAS storage.

To overcome the first challenge, nothing to do 😂

To overcome second challenge, I had to backup general VMs with Hyper-V backup jobs, and VMs with application, I had to backup them with Veeam Agents

To overcome third challenge, I had to use Veeam Application plugin and create scale-out-repo and created 10 NAS shares to increase in parallel backup scream. 


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Nice! Glad you were able to resolve all your implementation challenges @Moustafa_Hindawi 😊

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Wow those were some challenges but nice you got them resolved.

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Amazing how the SOBR can help, even on the same device.