Backup of M365 needed? Yes, it’s a no-brainer!

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Nowadays a lot customers are using M365 and that’s a good choice!

What are the most important components of this SaaS solution :

  • Exchange online
  • Sharepoint Online
  • Teams
  • Onedrive for Business


Wow, instead of having your data on-premise we have it now in the public cloud!

Is that a good idea?

Yes, it’s running on a big high available infrastructure, always available and everywhere available whether we are at the office or at home.

We are rid of upgrades – maintenance – security patches, just pay on a monthly base and Microsoft does the rest for us.


Absolutely not !!!

Hmm, what do we still have to do as a customer?

Taking care of the backups of all your data in M365 !!!

Is Microsoft not doing this for us, in our monthly fee?

Not at all! That is one of the biggest misconceptions : Microsoft is not taking care of everything.

In short : the customer is responsible for their own data in M365.

Microsoft is not taking care of your data and is not taking backups and will never restore your data if needed.

You as a customer have to care of that, you have to take a backup with a third-party product.

Is it needed to take a backup when it’s running on a big high available infrastructure?

Sure, there are several reasons why, but in my opinion a combination of 2 reasons makes it even a no-brainer for every M365 customer to take a backup of all their data in M365.

First of all : the fact that your data is your responsibility (you can read this in detail in this post regarding the M365 Shared Responsibility : The Office 365 Shared Responsibility Model (

Secondly : when you were having your data on your on-premise Exchange-server and data on your on-premise sharepoint-server or on-premise file-servers no one even questioned if a backup was needed or not : of course it was a requirement. Well, when it’s running on M365, the need of a backup has never been changed, it’s also a requirement.


So the combination of those 2 reasons makes it a no-brainer for every M365 customer having a backup.

The other reasons (like described at this post : 7 Reasons Why Microsoft 365 Backup is Critical ( are just extra reasons to do this if not yet convinced.


The combination of the number 1 provider in the world of backup M365 #veeam (Backup Office 365 data with Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365) and a Veeam partner can take care of this!!!!




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Great article Nico.

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Great article Nico.

Thx Chris!

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Thank you very much @Nico Losschaert for putting this great guide together! All the best ...

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Great writing Nico!

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Great writing Nico!

Thx again @BertrandFR  😎