Backup for M365 7a BUILD P20240418 - improvements

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Hi all, just a small heads up for the latest patch P20240418 released on April 24th.

This patch fixes several issues we’ve faced consuming the API via our management platform:

On product builds and higher, processing REST API requests to retrieve the organization’s objects takes more time than expected.

  • (GET) v7/Organizations/{organizationId}/Users
  • (GET) /v7/Organizations/{organizationId}/Teams
  • (GET) /v7/Organizations/{organizationId}/Sites

Export to .PST via the (POST) /v7/RestoreSessions/{restoreSessionId}/organization/exportToPst request takes more time compared to the save operation performed on the same mailbox backup data.

If one of the requested repositories is in the Invalid state, the (GET) /v7/Organizations/{organizationId}/usedRepositories request mistakenly returns the same error for all repositories from the scope.


But also other improvements and enhanchements are in this release.

Worth upgrading !

More info ?



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Happened to stumble upon this the other day not realizing the new patch.  We are going to be deploying this due to the many fixes and nice enhancements.

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Running it here without any problems. Upgrade went fast and smooth (as we’re used to) 😉