Announcement: Veeam App for Splunk  📢

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A quick announcement for the Community 📢

Today Veeam published their App for Splunk. The App enables Splunk customers to analyze Veeam events, monitor their Veeam Backup environment and provides access to alerts, dashboards and reports.

Although I had a Splunk training just last week, I currently don’t have access to any lab environment. Therefore I can’t test the new app but I would look forward to any feedback from the Community 😊  The Splunkbase Website does include some screenshots which look quite nice.

Supported Splunk Platform

The App is supported on the following platforms:

  • Splunk Enterprise 9.1.0+
  • Splunk Cloud Platform 9.1.2308+


The App itself is available for free and can be installed or downloaded from Splunkbase:

Veeam customers do need to have the Advanced or Premium Edition in order to use the app.

More details

More details can be found in the corresponding helpcenter guide:




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Although we don’t use it, I’ve always heard good things about Splunk over the years. This should be a welcomed feature-add! Thanks for sharing @regnor 

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Looking like something to look in to for us with Security.  This is a great addition to the Veeam portfolio for sure.  Will check this out and thanks for posting Regnor.

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@regnor  thx for share the info.

very interesting!


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I just checked this out and one of my coworkers is looking into Splunk. Seems like a lot to learn but it will be worth it. 

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hi @regnor 

this [guide] How to install & configure "Veeam App for Splunk" + Splunk Enterprise 9.2.1 | Veeam Community Resource Hub 😎