AI generated tutorial, complete and utter fail! Veeam keep your trainers!! :)

  • 23 August 2023

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Hi Folks,


I was just forced to watch for the first time an AI generated tutorial/presentation. This was not Veeam training but I decided to send out this feedback just in case anyone at Veeam is thinking about jumping on this bandwagon.

All of this hype about Chat/AI etc crashed miserably in my eyes after watching this content. The AI generated lady doing the tutorial had less personality and sincerity than RD2 in Star wars (reminder RD2 could only beep and not speak). The phoney AI generated smile would have been better placed in the film Aliens on the monsters that emerged from people’s stomachs.

Then there were the pronunciation errors. Living in Toronto I hear all sorts of different pronunciations in English but they normally add some spice to the discussion. Italian, French, Chinese etc native speakers all have different pronunciations and if anything they add flavour to the conversation. Machine AI however is horrendous. It will go along for a bit perfectly but then blurt out something that sounds like when my dishwasher got a screw loose during a heavy wash session completely betraying the fact that its native tongue are 0’s and 1’s in machine code. 

I was trying to concentrate on the technical topic in the tutorial but kept getting distracted by the AI generated person’s utterly empty and emotionless facial expressions all the while wondering if any second it would pull an Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator short circuit and declare “time to die stupid human!!” 

Maybe I am being too harsh. It is not that I am overly sensitive to phoney and completely false expressions of emotion (I once had an office once next to the sales dept :) , but this was a combination of horror and disgust.

Just my opinion but I think IT trainers need not loose sleep over being replaced by the modern version of HAL 9000. To be fair the HAL 9000 in Space Odyssey 2001  had way more personality than this modern day AI thing, I mean who can forget some of its quotes like “I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.”  Good advice for me after going through an AI generated tutorial!



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Well now I want to see/hear just how bad it was…..

I gotta say, I love the AI at the McDonald’s drive-through….sometimes she “stutters” when talking.  AI is great, except when it’s not.

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Interesting some company chose to go this route instead of an actual human speaking. 

Geoff...I’m like you a bit in this area. I don’t want to say I’m completely anti-AI..there is much good which can come from it in many avenues/areas. But, in our community, what it’s looked at to do, generally speaking, I’m not for….at. all. I think it’s good this experience happened so it’s not just talk/opinion without any reference. Now there’s a reference point. Sure, this type of AI “training” can get better..and it probably will not only be used more, but used by more companies in the future, sadly. I’m a relational/interpersonal person, so personally...I like human interaction.

AI stuff like this is even more prevelant than I even realized, as my youngest a Junior in College, shared with me the end of the Spring several classmates got suspended from school for using AI to write their papers. I guess there’s an “AI checker” tool teachers can use to test for such things. Interesting.

Anyway, good feedback imo.


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Well now I want to see/hear just how bad it was…..

I gotta say, I love the AI at the McDonald’s drive-through….sometimes she “stutters” when talking.  AI is great, except when it’s not.

After reading this I am thinking the same thing that I want to hear it just to see how bad it was.  😂

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I use AI often and with anything, it comes down to time and place. It is great for some things, and awful for others.


For starters, replacing a human.   Awful.

Helping with the syntax in a script, using it to remove objects or add objects to photos? wonderful.


Chatbots, creating tests, blog posts.. hit and miss.


AI works great when being controlled by a human who has the knowledge to verify what it’s doing and manipulate the input to get the desired response.  There is no such thing as “AI” There is no artificial intelligence in there. It is doing EXACTLY what it’s programmed to do and not making it’s own “decisions”


Computers don’t just “feel” like doing anything.  I am all for it where it makes sense to save time, but as far as replacing people we are a long way from that. 

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I’ve mainly used AI to help improve my code. Generate some code, throw it though an AI, let it see what it spits back. Its helped in a few areas so far.


I can’t imagine it will be good enough to replace humans for quite some time. But hey, 640K of RAM should be enough for anyone, right?