Veeam Usage Report for VMware Cloud Director

  • 2 April 2021
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Deprecated: This script will not work with Veeam Backup & Replication v12. For v12 support, please use the VSPC-HostedUsage scripts.


The PowerShell script to retrieve Veeam backup usage for VMware Cloud Director (VCD) Organizations is now available on VeeamHub! Below is a brief description of its functionality. For more detailed information, please follow the VeeamHub link.

For each organization, the following is provided:

  • Total number of VMs in backups
  • Total amount of space used in repositories

The usage data can be aggregated on the Organization-level or the Org VDC-level. This is useful when backups for different Org VDCs are billed differently.

The scope of the usage returned is also customizable. It can be limited to self-service backups, created by the Veeam Self-Service Portal (VSSP) for VCD, or it can also include backups created directly on the backup server by the provider.

NOTE: Before using this script in a production environment, I recommend you verify that numbers match up to your environment. This script uses undocumented API calls that are subject to change.

1 comment

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Very nice script Chris.  Will be checking it out for sure and testing.