Veeam Community Recap #62

  • 21 January 2022
Veeam Community Recap #62
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Hello everyone,

I and @Rick Vanover recap this week's activities - and we do NOT break the rule! 

Make sure to take a look at Ready to be a legend…a Veeam Legend? Class 2022 will soon be announced! post as we are getting closer to the Veeam Legends announcement.

Check this episode now :point_down_tone3:


Don’t miss out:

Today at 12 pm ET, @Rick Vanover and @MicoolPaul will be talking about key data protection best practice - Data Encryption! :boom:

You’ll be able to see this on LinkedIn or on YouTube. Join us!


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Today’s highlights!
@michaelcade #90DaysOfDevOps | Veeam Community Resource Hub

@MicoolPaul Veeam Backup Service Fails to Start – AKA How I broke my lab this time… | Veeam Community Resource Hub

@regnor VBR: "Collecting disk files location data" takes too much time | Veeam Community Resource Hub

Great work everyone!

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Thanks for the shout out! 💚


Looking forward to our live session later on today, be sure to join us if you can make it!

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Awesome duo, thanks @Kseniya and @Rick Vanover , let’s rock this 2022! :muscle:

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Thank you for the shout out 😊 you're right @Rick Vanover, I completely forget that Anton is now posting the digest on Reddit; I'll Update my post.

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Another great recap and congrats to all shoutouts.

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Great recap @Kseniya @Rick Vanover 

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I like this review each week.👍 Thanks @Rick Vanover and @Kseniya.

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good recap @Kseniya @Rick Vanover

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Great RECAP and thank you @Kseniya und @Rick Vanover