VEM Failed to open session / improvement needed ?

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Hello, I am facing a connection problem between my VBR and my VEM.

I applied a hardening since the connection with the local administrator account (built-in) is impossible I cannot find what could be blocking it, still investigate.

MFA was enabled in VBR, so I had to create an entry for my built-in administrator account as a service account with Veeam administrator privilege.
Unfortunately the session failed to open

The connection with another service account with admin privilege works..
Any idea?

The account must be assigned the Veeam Backup Administrator role. In term of security I’m not a big fan cause I have an account with admin right without MFA. How do you configure VEM on your side?


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Okay ! I find the problem, during my hardening I renamed the Builtin Admin account, therefore I had to modify the “pg_ident.conf” file to replace the line  “ veeam administrator@myvbr postgres” by “veeam newadminname@myvbr postgres” !

I m still interest of your vision for the configuration.

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I know when you use MFA you cannot connect VBR to VEM and need to disable it until connected.  To me they need to find a way to connect with MFA turned on by asking for a code or something.  Yeah that Postgres file can be a life saver for giving access. Good to see you were able to fix it.