SureBackup using replicas

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I am trying to create a SureBackup job using replicas rather than run from the backups (For performance reasons) but when I go to add a VM from replicas there are no objects in the Select Replica screen.

the replica is stored on a standalone Hyper-V host with large DAS

I’ve created replicas from live VM’s and current backups and although they exist in the replicas folder, there is nothing appearing in the Select Replica screen in the SureBackup application group settings.

I’m running VEEAM 

Any ideas, it’s driving me nuts






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Hi @Rhys Head -

Welcome to the Community. SureReplica is not a supported feature with Hyper-V

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Noooooooo !!!! 😲😧


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The only option you have with Hyper-V is the SureBackup using backups.

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Based on the help page you need to link only a backup job to the Surebackup - Step 5. Link Backup Job - User Guide for Microsoft Hyper-V (

As noted, replicas are not supported.

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Noooooooo !!!! 😲😧


Sadly, yes. Sorry 😕

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Here is an older ‘edition comparison’ where it shows, with a superscript of “1” where SureReplica is VMware only:

The new Edition Comparison Guide has VMware Only items listed, but Veeam forgot to put the superscript (for VMware Only) next to SureReplica

As others have can only do SureBackup with HV.

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Hi @Rhys Head - I just wanted to follow back here and see if you had any further questions? Did we help answer your question? If so, we ask you mark which one helped you as ‘Best Answer’ so others with a similar question who come across your post may benefit.

If you have further questions though..don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you.

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Hi @coolsport00 


I’ve done a bit of a Frankenstein method, but have managed to come up with a solution that works 😎

The main issue I had was performance due to the fact we compress, de-dupe and encrypt our backups so streaming them back took upwards of 3 hours per VM to bring online.

My method was to create a separate backup of the VM’s that I needed to include in the SureBackup lab without the Compression and De-dupe (Encryption still enabled), store them locally on the host that is used to run the SureBackup labs and run the SureBackup job from the local copies.

And success, 13 VM’s up and running in less than 3 hours as opposed to over 24 hours beforehand and it failing 9 times out of 10 due to timeouts.

I see that as a win 😁