No VM available when creating new backup job on hyper-v standalone

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I have installed Veeam B&R v11 on a windows machine running a 5 Hyper-V vm. 

I have registered my Hyper-V using backup infrastructure > Add server. It now shows up in backup infrastructure > managed servers > microsoft Hyper-V > Standalone servers. 

I have created a backup repository on a NAS on the local network. 

But when I want to create a backup job (home > backup job > Virtual Machine), I have no VM listed. 

Any advices on what I’m missing to be able to backup my VM?




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If you’re just testing Veeam/labbing stuff (and I’m assuming your production isn’t being run via Hyper-V on Windows 10!) you can run a Hyper-V VM and then nest VMs inside this, and let Veeam connect to your Hyper-V VM as such.


The limitation is based on Microsoft making APIs available to Windows 10’s Hyper-V feature and by extension what Veeam can use.

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The Windows 10 Support is really limited, probably because of the missing features compared to Windows Server. Ithink you can use a Windows 10 Hyper-V as a restore target or at least for Instant Recovery.

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@Shaokat  non, it’s a standalone installation

@regnor  yes, it’s indeed win 10… I had a message stating this is not supported but I gave it a try thinking that sometimes some features still work even though they are not supported by the editor. It seems it’s not the case here... 

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What OS is your Hyper-V host? Is it by any chance Windows 10? If so that won’t work as it isn’t supported with Veeam.

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is your hyper-v in the cluster? 

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thanks for your answer. 

Unfortunately, nothing shows up in this window either… :(

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Hi @syntax-error ,

welcome to the Veeam community :sunglasses:

Your first screen shot shows the Virtual Maschines dialog from the job creation wizard. It is the window where the selected VMs for a job are shown.

Did you select the Add button on the right side of this dialog? Then you get a tree structure with your defined Hyper-V hosts or VMWare vCenter / hosts and the VMs on these instances. There you can select which VMs you want to backup…


Here is the link to the documentation for the backup job creation on hyper-v: