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So our company is growing, and planning for the future we are moving our VEEAM to a new server, and of course decommission the old one. With this move we want to start fresh, but retain access to the old repository. Is there a certain process we can do, so that the old jobs will not be migrated to the new server, thus reducing clutter, and allow us to restore from the old repository?

The reason for this is the backup job infrastructure was created, and adapted to a fast growing company so it was sort of a reactionary solution. We now have the storage and plan on moving to the cloud. This will hopefully allow us to move away from our aging tape drive a good bit.

Thank you all for your help in this matter.


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Yes just set up the new server and jobs. Then add the old repo for old file access.  Once added you can rescan and import the backups.

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Yes, just rescan the old repo and import the backups on your new server.

They are shown under Backups → Disk (Imported). From there you can restore if needed.

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You didn’t mention what the old repo is using, but assuming that you’re using a NAS or something similar, you should be able to build up your new server and then import your configuration database on the new server so that it retains all of your backup data, passwords, etc.  Then I would go ahead and delete the imported jobs or disable them and create new, but the database import may be beneficial so that you bring over all of your credentials and such.  Or, if you want to start really fresh, as noted above, just add the old repo to you configuration and scan the repo for the data and they’ll show as imported backups.  Note that if these are encrypted backups, you’ll need the encryption password to open the encrypted backup chains.

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We want to start up new server, new install, new repo, but we still will need to have access to the old backups that we have stored on tape, We are actually using a file server which we are migrating to the new server which will also have local storage for most of the jobs done.

End goal is to switch to a new server with local storage backup, and then push up to the cloud.

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Yeah @Chris.Childerhose  hit it right on the first answer. Build the new - then add the old repository and the restore points will show up as imported on the new console. EASY-PEASY