Migrating backup from old to new repository

  • 19 October 2023

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Hi everyone…

I have deployed a new backup repository which is going to be replaced by the old one.

By which Veeam features I should use to copy those backup data to the new storage?

Maybe replication or backup copy job? 

Backup source is mixture of bear metal, VM, DB, app etc. in multiple OS


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If your running Veeam 12 you could look at the data mover.

** Edited as posted wrong link Marco posted the correct link below.

You will need both repo’s added to your VBR server.

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Hi @HamBurger , look at this feature

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If you are using ReFS (Windows) or XFS (Linux) then using VeeaMover is the best method after adding both repos to your VBR server.  It is not recommended to copy data outside of Veeam as you will need more on the destination as the block clone savings get inflated.

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If you’re not using REFS (or XFS), VeeaMover is probably the best bet.  That said, my experience is that it can be kind of slow, so it might be faster to perform a multi-threaded copy using RoboCopy or something like that.  However as noted, it’s not really recommended if you can avoid it.  Note that if you move the data outside of Veeam, you’ll want to rescan the repository after the data has been migrated so that it can be cataloged into the database, and then you’ll likely want to repoint your backup jobs to the new repo so that you can hopefully reattach and continue the existing backup chains.

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Hi @HamBurger -

I am just following up on your Repo move post here. Did you get your Repo moved ok? Were any of the provided comments helpful? If so, we ask you please mark which comment helped you as ‘Best Answer’ so others with a similar question who come across your post may benefit.

If you do have furrther questions though, don’t hesistate to ask.

Thank you.

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I vote VeeaMover 100%. It works great.  Not only does it move the job, it fixes all the settings and pointers for you.


Option 2, Create a new active full, let the old repository age out.