Excited about Hyper-V 2025

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In my post about Hyper-V 2025, I went over what’s coming that’s new in Server 2025, and a few things about Hyper-V support with Veeam… I was curious, what additional Veeam feature do you think would be most exciting to see here?



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It definitely will be interesting to see how much has changed since 2022 which was good.  Looking forward to reading your article.  Thanks for sharing.

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I’m personally looking forward to all the improves from Azure Stack HCI in regard to Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) making it back into Windows Server 2025.
Things like Thin Provisioned S2D volumes will be very welcome addition, as will single node S2D Clusters.

For Service Providers, especially Hosters, this is a huge release as it brings all the core functionality from Azure Stack HCI which we’ve unable to use as you can’t multi-tenant on Azure Stack HCI. 

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I’m looking forward to seeing Veeam leveraging hotpatching to reduce the amount of downtime for the backup servers.


I’d love to see some of the network configuration backup functionality we’re seeing in VBfMA for example to reach the on-prem equivalents. Protecting virtual switch configurations for host rebuilds etc. It’s not a ‘mission critical’ feature, but it’s just a nice to have to reduce rebuild configuration issues.


Naturally I want to see more in the way of CDP support for Hyper-V and the extension of VRO to this hypervisor.