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I have most of my acclaim certs under a previous employers email. Unfortunately when I left that company the email stayed with them. 


A valuable lesson for ALL certifications and external things you want to keep after you leave a company, use a personal email, or transfer it BEFORE your move on to new employment. 

You can have more than one email address in you acclaim/credly profiles.

I have badges issued to several email addresses from multiple companies in my profile. No problem.

As far as I know you can change your login email, too. Perhaps you have to rise a ticket with credly for this.

Yes, that is the issue. Reset password, it wants to verify the old address :> 


I’ll need to open a ticket but it’s been so long i’m worried i may forget my old email address from my last job even haha

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After the first VEEAM Legends are announced, I have to repeat my suggestion from last year.

Wouldn't it be great to get the Legends Badge as a badge shareable via Acclaim?

I think, the design of the legends logo would be an outstanding pretty badge….

Hello @JMeixner, I wanted to great a new topic for this but having read through the comments, I would like to continue from here. I agree, one should be able to verify these badges as well.

Have we been able to implement the Veeam Legend badge shareable via credly etc? Here is a list of all available badges:

When implemented, this will be great for all Legends and Vanguards. And also Veeam Community leaders may find this interesting.

For better results, I will be tagging these special players@Madi.Cristil and @Rick Vanover @NikolaPejkova to help oversee this. 

Many thanks!



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Hello @Eddie Kwok ,

yes, I have learned about the existing Acclaim VEEAM Badges. Hadn’t seen them before. Just after my suggestion was online in November, I have seen the first mesages with these badges on LinkedIn...

But my suggestion now was, to create an Acclaim Badge for the VEEAM Legends. :sunglasses: