Consistent PostgreSQL Backups with Kasten K10

I did a research for consistent PostgreSQL backups with Kasten K10 and found:

Application Consistent PostgreSQL Backup

You described there to use a Kanister pre-hook (“pg_start_backup”) and post-hook (“pg_stop_backup”).


Afaik, that alone will not create a consistent backup. You also need any generated archived WAL file between. Archiving must be enabled (archive_mode=on), archived WAL files must be backuped too, therefore.


I did not find anything about how to backup archived WAL files. How will you handle them?


Thanks, Markus​​​


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I’d suggest this goes in


So the awesome Kasten folk (staff & community) can see it easier.

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from my POV, AL shoud be mandatory on production on VMs or physical. I won’t say for pods, i didn’t dig the subject.

Why without AL it could be not consistent backup? you should have a point from your pgbackup?

Remind that I am talking about physical backups only.


Without AL, the only possiblity for a consistent backup would be an offline backup, that is shutdown postgres (primary in case of replicas) - save $PGDATA - startup postgres.


Without AL, you could only rely on dumps, offline backups and replicas which would not be appropriate for production in most cases.