backing up one Oracle SID

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Hello all,

I have created application-aware backup for Oracle DB. All is good but few SIDs are not switched to archive mode(or not even used) but Veeam is trying to save them and therefore backup finish with warning. is it possible to defined only one exact SID that must be backed up and others ignore?




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Don't use Oracle but this might help -


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Thanks, it is helpful only to see how Veeam is taking data from Oracle. It might that we need to check configuration files on Oracle side where we can specify given SID that must be saved. If I find something relevant I’ll share.

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Hello @Ladislav Boka ,

how are you backing up your Oracle DBs? With Application-aware backup via a VBR backup job or with the Enterprise Application Plugin for Oracle RMAN?



Reading helps… you have written Application-Aware Backup in the original post.

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yes. we are using V&R 12 by application-aware backups. client is RHEL 6.9 with Oracle DB We are not using Oracle RMAN plugin