Veeam Legends Program - Renewed for 2022!

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Congrats @Chris.Childerhose, you are a pillar and a certainty of this community. 

Thanks Marco

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Today I received a great surprise in my email from Madalina Cristil (@MadiCristil), the manager of the Veeam Community Legends program, and Rick Vanover (@rickvanover) that I was renewed into the 2022 second intake.

You can find out about the Veeam Legends program on the Community Hub here - Veeam Community Hub.

It has been a great first year in the Legends program, and I was happy to contribute to helping the community. I look forward to another year and meeting many of the Legends in person at the #Veeam100 event in October.

There are some great benefits to being a Legend -

As a part of Veeam Legends, you’ll be eligible for unique content, NFR licenses, private betas, prelaunch briefings, Veeam R&D insights and, of course, awesome Veeam Legends swag!

But one of the most significant benefits is being part of a community to share knowledge, experience, tips, tricks, etc.  I know this from already being in the Veeam Vanguard program for the past five years.

So if you are interested, check out the link to the Community Hub above and work your way up to becoming Legendary!


Reference to my blog -  Veeam Legends 2022 Renewal

Congratulations @Chris.Childerhose and welcome @dloseke Great to have you here :) 

Thanks Dips

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Congrats.  I opened my email this morning and was welcomed into the Legends program.  Happy to be here and serve!

Congrats! @dloseke