Oracle Backup Redo Log Error - Sequence contains no matching element

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Recently I got this error below during the Oracle redo log backup:

Oracle redo log error

My backup job configuration is about a Veeam Linux Agent in an Oracle Linux and the application aware was configured to backup logs with 15 minutes interval and delete logs older than 24 hours:

Application aware configuration

This kind of configuration is very common on critical databases and I have this same configuration in various environments.

So, the first thing I assumed is that the cause of the problem was not on the Veeam side.

Looking on Linux side I discovered that the user used on Guest Processing configuration needs to be part of the oinstall group on OS.

So, the only thing I did was put this user on this group:

usermod -aG oinstall <my_user>


 After that, all Oracle redo logs started to being process successfully:

Oracle redo log success



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Good to bring this to attention again, this point is overseen very often. 😎

Yes, this is a requirement and is listed in the helpcenter. It’s a requirement for the Plugin for RMAN, too, if you want to access the databases with the user you have installed the plugin with.

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Interesting fact to know, thank you for sharing @wolff.mateus 

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Thanks for sharing that, Mateus.  Interesting to note for those that use this part of Veeam.