Create least privilege VBO Azure AD applications without using VBO

  • 14 January 2021

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Here’s a script I wrote to create Azure AD applications for VBO usage aside from creating the app from within VBO itself.

I experienced that this is not always easy to do (Global Admin using VBO to create an app, or having the Global Admin read the documentation and create the application with the right permissions, etc… on his own), so I hope my script can help here.


Check out my blog article on it at VBO365: Create Azure AD applications automatically with least priviliges – Z8N

And the script itself is available on Github: veeam/vbo-create-azure-ad-app.ps1 at master · StefanZi/veeam (


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Awesome script! 

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Added a new blog post on how to add an organization with this pre-created app & certificate: 

VBO365: Use pre-created Azure AD application for authentication – Z8N

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Thanks for sharing! This will sure save time in deployment and troubleshooting.

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Excellent work Stefan. Well done!