What are the takeaways you have from Veeam 2021 event ??

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Hi Friends, pls share your experience about Veeam 2021 event &key takeaways from it.


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A lot of best practices where there are a few I’m not ready using those, but will do in the future. Furthermore, using more immutable object-storage because that seems to be the future.

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There wasn't really any "oooo-ahhhs" for me personally. CDP is a huge deal, but I don't use it. Immutable storage in linux repos is also big, but not using those myself either. Can't really think of anything else other than the fact the conf will be "live" next year in Vegas 😊


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The addition of RHV/KVM (I am assuming that KVM not just the Redhat version will be supported :)) and direct backups to S3 Object store were big and unexpected for me. Of course everything to do with Kasten I like. Again just to be clear, I chose Kasten when venturing the Kubernetes backup field before they were even partnering with Veeam, let alone when they were purchased.

The direct backup to S3 I think will bring a surge of S3 compatible on premise storage.