Veeam Replication Re-IP for VM with multiple network adapters

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Hello Team,

Quick question - Does the Veeam Replication Re-IP concept work only for VM with Single network adapter?

What if the replicating VMs has multiple network adapters? The Re-ip cannot be used?

Thanks in advance!

~ Ravi Kumar S


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Thanks a lot @MicoolPaul and @Mildur for quick and precise response. Appreciate it!

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Re-IP works with as many NICs as the VM has, just remember if using something like SureReplica, it won’t trigger the Re-IP as it’s supposed to still be in isolation at that point.


Details here:

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Hi Ravi


For re-ip, Veeam doesn‘t care about the amount of network adapters.

In the replication job, you choose the Source IP and the Target IP. When you do a failover in the veeam console to the replica vm, veeam uses the windows registry in the replica vm to change the Source IP to the specified target IP.

If there are two adapters, both IPs can be changed if you have specified a re-ip rule for the ip address of the second adapter.